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ARK's Bite Tube Tip Combo (1 Hard Smooth, 1 Hard Textured, 1 Soft Textured)

ARK's Bite Tube Tip Combo (1 Hard Smooth, 1 Hard Textured, 1 Soft Textured)

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Developed in partnership with Shari Martin, OTR/L, ARK's Bite Tube Tip for the Z-Vibe® is specially designed for targeted, functional biting and chewing practice. It's much like the Bite-n-Chew Tip XL, only with a hollow center for food. Simply fill the tube with soft foods, such as applesauce, yogurt, stage 1 baby foods, etc. Place the tip on the side of the mouth in between the pre-molars or molars. Or, place it along the full length of the molar surface to one side. When the individual bites down, he or she will be rewarded with food! Use the Bite Tube Tip to establish the concept of needing to bite and chew to eat food. It's also an excellent way to incorporate real food as you practice the motor planning of eating skills.

The Bite Tube Tip comes in three different versions: Hard (lavender), Hard Textured (blue), or Soft Textured (magenta). For individuals with oral defensiveness, start with the smooth tip and gradually progress to the textured ones. For individuals with a weak bite, start with the soft tip and progress to the hard ones. For individuals who need more proprioceptive input to the mouth, the hard textured one provides both tactile input and added resistance. Use any of these tips to improve chewing motion and jaw strength. If desired, they can be trimmed for a shorter length. A wonderful addition to any feeding / oral motor therapy toolbox!


• Teach Biting and Chewing Skills
• Increase Oral Awareness
• Decrease Oral Sensitivities and Food/Texture Aversions
• Calm and Soothe with Vibrating Handle
• Helps Transition from Puréed to Textured Foods with Sylvia Spoon or Animal Tips
• Increase Interest in Therapy

• Develop Oral Motor Skills
• Improve Oral Hygiene with Brush Tips
• Work on Writing Skills When used with the Pen or Pencil Tips


• The DnZ-Vibe® is sold separately
• Other tips available are sold separately.
• Includes one of each tip

***Caution: these are therapeutic tools and should be used under adult supervision at all times. When changing tips and/or the battery, please use caution as the unit contains small parts that pose a choking hazard.

MADE in the USA out of medical grade, FDA compliant materials that contain NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex