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Calming Body Sox
Calming Body SoxCalming Body Sox

Calming Body Sox

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Watch children and adults alike become enraptured as they begin to understand and explore the three-dimensional space they individually occupy. Body Sox are designed specifically for spatial awareness through balance and resistance. Each large pillowcase-like sack is constructed from four-way stretch Lycra with a reinforced hook and loop-closed entrance. Once inside, users find themselves in a private domain that begs for kinesthetic exploration. As they move their shapes become amorphous and art-like. Because the Lycra is translucent they can see the shapes being created around them.

*NOTE: Colors Vary


• Deep Sensory Input
• Resistance Pressure
• Core and Gross motor strengthening through movement
• Calming


• Reinforce resistive awareness while encouraging creative movement
• Designed to develop spatial awareness through balance and resistance
• Climb in, close the Velcro fasteners, and watch your body create art-like shapes
• See-through and breathable Lycra


X-Small 34" Tall x 27" Wide (2-3 YR)
Small 40" Tall x 27" Wide (3-5 YR)
Medium 47" Tall x 27" Wide (6-8 YR)
Large 56" Tall x 28" Wide (9-13 Yr)