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Cando Glitter Theraputty

Cando Glitter Theraputty

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This is the trusted Cando® Theraputty exercise material—Now with Glitter! Theraputty has become the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from XX-Soft for strengthening a weak hand grasp, to Extra-Firm for developing a stronger grip.

• Fine Motor development
• Can be used with tools to develop everyday skills such as key turning, bottle cap opening, etc.

• New non-sticky, non-greasy formula
• The standard in resistive hand exercise material
• Therapist preferred
• 6 firmness levels available
• Convenient, reusable, easy-to-open plastic containers
Comes in convenient easy-open plastic containers
• Cando® Theraputty™ material is gluten, casein and latex free

* NOTE: Sensory Kids® stocks putty with firmness levels most frequently used by pediatric PTs and OTs. If you require more resistance, please inquire.

Tan= XExtra Soft
Yellow = Extra Soft
Red = Soft
Green = Medium