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Cando Latex-Free Resistance Exercise Latex Bands (Set of 5)

Cando Latex-Free Resistance Exercise Latex Bands (Set of 5)

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The CanDo® Latex Free Resistance Band exercisers can be used for a progressive resistance exercise program or to provide varied resistance for deep sensory input to assist with attention issues and fidgeting.

Perfect for use in the classroom, home or in therapy, these can be tied around chair legs and seat backs to quietly and unobtrusively provide deep sensory input and an outlet for fidgety kids!

This pack includes five, 4ft lengths of each resistance band (from Easy to Hard): Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black.

* NOTE: Can be used with or without other CanDo and Thera-Band accessories, which include exercise handles, door anchor, extremity strap, assist attachment devices…

• Proprioceptive - provides deep sensory input through resistance.
• Can be used in School, OT and PT to build core and targeted muscle groups.
• Can be used in School for fidgety kids.
• Uses for the Thera-Band Bands include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, birthing, yoga, pilates, stability, and resistance.

• Cando exercise bands are low cost
• Portable
• Versatile resistance product with virtually unlimited uses for improving strength, mobility and flexibility.
• Endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
• Recognized worldwide as the original System of Progressive Resistance.
• Pack contains a set of five latex free 5.5" X 4 ft Bands