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Exer-sit Core Activation Seat Cushion

Exer-sit Core Activation Seat Cushion

Price: $24.95
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This cushion offers "active sitting" which strengthens the muscles that support the spine. Use when a greater range of motion and sensory input is needed. Very helpful for decreasing fidgeting and increasing awareness. Great for children with sensory issues, ADD, ADHD or anyone who can benefit from dynamic sitting activity. Also great for working on standing balance. Who knew a bumpy cushion could do so much?

13” diameter with nubby bumps on one side and smooth on the other. Can easily be inflated by mouth.


• Tactile / Often referred to by parents and teachers as a 'bumpy or squishy seat' this cushion is great for kids with 'ants in their pants.'
• Aides with focus & attention.
• Calming through multi sensory input
• Vestibular / Promotes balance
• Wonderful Gross Motor Aide / Helps build core body strength & stability


• The 13” cushion fits perfectly in elementary school desk and other chairs
• Can be used on the floor for standing balance
• Easily washable
• Flat surface on one side and “acu-nodules” on the other
• Comes pre-inflated
• Standard pin-valve insert for inflation

Available in Blue

3 yrs+