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Gonge Blow Lotto Game
Gonge Blow Lotto GameGonge Blow Lotto Game

Gonge Blow Lotto Game

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A unique, highly amusing game that develops breathing control and lip muscles…

A ping-pong ball is blown on a game board and played like bingo. Each child takes a turn and when the ball lands on an animal, that animal is covered up on the child’s game board. The first person to cover her board wins.

• Playing this game can help train mouth function and coordination as you blow to the animals. This strengthens the muscles of the mouth that are used to speak.
• Each explosive breath, also trains respiratory function and lip strength, all while children play.
• Appropriate game etiquette is learned as children utilize patience to wait their turn, take turns, share the common board and learn appropriate reactions to winning and losing.
• Encourages communication, social skills and teamwork skills.
• Cause and effect relationships are established as each time a child blows towards and animal, how they blew effects where their ball goes.

• Attach Velcro or suction cups to the bottom of the game so that it can be attached to a table to wheel chair tray.
• Set the game at an angle by leaning on a book or have child bend down to try different level blowing techniques.

• Have children discuss how many blows it will take to get to a certain animal.
• Have kids work as a team to black out all the boards and win together.
• Make the sound of the animal so the child has to identify and blow the ball to that animal. This can help children with receptive language skills.

• Includes plastic frame, ball, game board with track on both sides, game board with animal pictures on both sides, 4 lotto boards with animal pictures on both sides and 36 playing chips
• Nine holes show different pictures, which are also featured on the players' lotto cards.
• Strong storage box
• 2-4 Players
Ages 3+