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Gymnic Movin' Sit for Teens & Adults
Gymnic Movin' Sit for Teens & AdultsGymnic Movin' Sit for Teens & Adults

Gymnic Movin' Sit for Teens & Adults

Price: $39.94
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Sit on a cushion of air! Normal sitting especially for long periods places a lot of pressure on your back. With a Movin’ Sit cushion however the stresses shift. The wedge shape and unevenness of the cushion add an element of instability to sitting. Dynamic seating cushion helps to boost core strength Wedge shape encourages proper and alignment while sitting at a desk or table Also works great on the floor or stand it upright in a chair as a back support 10 junior and 13 adult size
Can easily be inflated by mouth and carried with the built-in handle.


• Tactile / Often referred to by parents and teachers as a 'bumpy or squishy seat' this cushion is great for kids with 'ants in their pants.'
• Aides with focus & attention.
• Calming through multi sensory input
• Vestibular / Promotes balance
• Wonderful Gross Motor Aide / Helps build core body strength & stability


• The 14”x14” cushion fits perfectly on adult sized desk and other chairs
• Made of virtually indestructible latex-free PVC vinyl
• Phthalate Free

Available in Blue color only

Recommended for ages 10 yrs+

Made in Italy