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Hohner Bluesband Harmonica
Hohner Bluesband HarmonicaHohner Bluesband HarmonicaHohner Bluesband Harmonica

Hohner Bluesband Harmonica

Price: $8.95
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The Hohner Blues Band harmonica is a quality beginner's instrument that remains inexpensive. Tuned in the key of C, the Blues Band harmonica sounds great for any style of music. Hohner recommends the Blues Band harmonica for children and for beginners of any age. They even include a song sheet of simple and familiar melodies in easy to learn harmonica tab to get you started.


• Harmonicas encourage deep breathing which can be very calming
• Can be useful therapeutic tool with kids with auditory sensitivities
• Can be useful therapeutic tool with kids with oral sensitivities
• Can be used in feeding and oral therapies to help strengthen mouth muscles and tongue control
• Great for cognition, imagination, and musical creativity


• Improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200%
• Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness
• Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools)
• Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won't tarnish and are easy to clean
• Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica
• Super-fast response at all volume levels
• Easily adjustability for overblows
• A unique Hohner sound that is a tone benchmark for blues, folk, and rock

About Hohner:

Hohner is a family company founded in 1857 in Trossingen, Germany by Matthias Hohner. Hand-made quality and close attention to detail has set Hohner apart from the beginning. A top leading brand in harmonicas, Hohner harps are distributed worldwide. Hohner harmonicas are played on the street by buskers, in intimate nightclubs, on festival stages, and even in Carnegie Hall. Despite a diverse harmonica line used in music from country to classical genres, the most famous Hohner harmonicas are their simple, 10-hole diatonics used frequently by blues, rock, country, and folk musicians.