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Infinite Fidget Cube - Forever Fidget!
Infinite Fidget Cube - Forever Fidget!Infinite Fidget Cube - Forever Fidget!

Infinite Fidget Cube - Forever Fidget!

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For young kids and sensory seekers, the tactile appeal of flipping, twisting and turning makes the Infinite Fidget Cube easy to pick up—and almost impossible to put down!

It is a fabulous 'fidget' for school or home as well as a wonderful therapeutic fine-motor tool.

For older kids and adults, UnHinged is made up of 8 small cubes. Each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle. Held lightly with either one or two hands, you can flip the cubes around in different and surprising ways, for a very satisfying experience. Made of high quality plastic, durable and lightweight.

• Tactile
• Fidget
• Fine-Motor
• Visual problem solving

• Measures 3¼” x 1½” x ¾”.
• Multicolored
• Great for kids and adults!

Ages 3YR+