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Janod Crazy Face Magnetibook
Janod Crazy Face MagnetibookJanod Crazy Face Magnetibook

Janod Crazy Face Magnetibook

Price: $14.95
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The perfect gift for any kiddo!

Styled like a book, this sturdy magnetic box sits open for ease of use and maximum access to fun. Choose one of the crazy face template magnets and then make it even crazier with the decorative pieces. It is small enough to sit on your lap and because it is magnetic it's great for travel.

Comes complete with 12 design cards and 67 crazy magnets.


• Helps develop visual facial recognition through play
• Helps teach facial expressions
• Visual assist for social stories
• Helps boost creativity
• Helps build fine motor skills


• Helps boost creativity and fine motor skills
• Perfect for travel and easy to bring along anywhere: Just open the cover and you're ready to play
• Contains 12 different crazy faces and 67 magnetic face pieces
• Ages 3 to 8 years

Designed in France by Janod