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Kaye Wooden Therapy Nesting Branches  - Set of 4
Kaye Wooden Therapy Nesting Branches  - Set of 4Kaye Wooden Therapy Nesting Branches  - Set of 4

Kaye Wooden Therapy Nesting Branches - Set of 4

Price: $480.00
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This is one of the most versatile sets of furniture available…

For your young clients, Nesting Benches encourage climbing, sitting, and socialization, and provide the ideal environment for therapeutic activities. They can also be used to teach concepts, such as over, under, through and between.

Nesting Benches facilitate movement such as crawling, stair-climbing and sitting. They come as a set of four, with the smallest bench measuring four inches in height and the tallest up to eighteen inches. The smallest can be used as a starting point for infants to climb from crawling to standing, a footrest, to practice stepping up and down or as a seat for infants. The possibilities are endless. Kaye Nesting Benches have fixed heights and wide bases while two largest benches are suitable seats for therapists or large children and adolescents.

Nesting Branches can be used in clinics, at home or in school. They feature superior all-wood construction of high-quality birch plywood with reinforced joints—for extra stability—smooth wood tops and edges and tough rubber feet. They conveniently nest for easy, compact storage.

Use two in an "L" shape and have the child (while sitting on one bench) shift weight, cross midline, and rotate body while reaching for an object on the second bench. Use as a table while the child sits on the floor. Spread them apart and use for climbing up and down "stairs" or jumping down. Benches nest together for easy storage.

• Develops core strength and appropriate posturing
• Can be used as a seat and table to Encourage focused attention
• Develops integrative and perceptual motor skills.

• Includes 4 Benches
• Smooth lacquer finish that’s easy to clean.
• Sturdy: Reinforced joints—for extra stability.
• High Quality Construction.
• Lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold the weight of an adult.
• #1 - 4”H, #2 - 6 3/4”H, #3 - 11 1/2”H, #4 - 18”H

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