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Plui Brush Sunny
Plui Brush SunnyPlui Brush SunnyPlui Brush SunnyPlui Brush Sunny

Plui Brush Sunny

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After the rain comes the sun. Sunny and Cloudy are sensory toys made to tickle your imagination and senses. They beautifully complement the Pluï Rain Cloud during bath time and add fun and charm to the otherwise dull task of cleaning. Like all MOLUK toys these playful brushes become versatile props in role and pretend play and reveal new sides and surprising possibilities in combination with Oogi, Nello and other parts of the MOLUK family.

Brushing can help individuals who engage in unsafe or undesired behaviors or are sensory seeking. Brushing can help kids who are slow-to-start, or overly cautious, and those that are picky eaters. Pediatric clients may benefit from brushing if they struggle with poor motor coordination or balance issues.  
Some of the benefits of using sensory brushing are that it improves:

• Focus
• The ability to handle new situations
• Self-awareness
• Self-organization
• Self-control

It can increase a child’s ability to optimize their arousal and activity levels as well as decrease sensory defensiveness.

*NOTE: The Wilbarger brushing protocol, uses specific brushes and techniques (please see our "Therapressure Oval Sensory Brush" on our site for this protocol) involves the sensory brush, paired with joint compressions, completed in a sequence and according to a schedule.

Brushing can be utilized as a tool at school and at home and should be carried out as part of a healthy sensory diet, several times per day.

• Cloudy is a sensory toy made to tickle your imagination and senses
• Works perfectly in the tub as a fun imagination toy or a tactile brush
• This playful brush becomes a versatile prop in pretend play
• Made of ABS and Nylon. Safe, durable and easy to clean.
• 4.1 x 1.8 x 4.1 inches

Ages 1 Year+