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Professor Murphey’s Guide to Endless Possibilities

Professor Murphey’s Guide to Endless Possibilities

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Created from the curiosity, imagination, and ingenuity that uniquely flows from young children, BOINKS have provided individuals of all ages with fun and fascination for nearly 30 years.

Professor Murphy's Guide to Endless Possibilities is the result of a unique collaboration. Joyce Murphy, President and CEO of Endless Possibilities, Inc., is the driving force and entrepreneurial genius behind BOINKS.

Dr. Prent Klag, Professor of Education at Southern Utah University, has a diverse background in science education, creativity, and curriculum development.

Together they have compiled an engaging and motivating curriculum guide based upon BOINKS that:
• Activates the senses
• Ignites creativity and imagination,
• Promotes, wonder, curiosity and discovery
• Strengthens learning skills
• Builds a strong educational foundation for learners
• Supports STEAM

Teachers and students alike will be captivated by the information and activities that are provided in this guide. The power of teaching with BOINKS comes from their unique ability to link principles, concepts, and ideas into meaningful and active learning.

Come explore the "endless possibilities."

• Great sensory toys for children with ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder
• Occupational therapists love them because they develop fine motor skills while kids are having a good time playing
• Wonderful fidget toy for use at home or in the classroom

• Each book comes with 15 Classic Boinks.


*All Boinks® Products are assembled by Adults with Special Needs!

Recommended for Kids Age 3+