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Time Timer 3
Time Timer 3" With Audible OptionTime Timer 3" With Audible OptionTime Timer 3" With Audible OptionTime Timer 3" With Audible Option

Time Timer 3" With Audible Option

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In a teaching or therapy environment, no other tool communicates the concept of elapsed time as well as the Time Timer. It has proven to be VERY useful with students with Autism, sensory disorder, and many special needs.

Time Timer works as a VISUAL way to display how much time is left. To set the timer, move the red disk to the desired interval. The disk diminishes as time elapses until no red is visible. It's a universal question asked by people from every walk of life.

Elapsed time is an abstract concept that is difficult to understand and even harder to manage. Yet, managing time is a first step toward independence for many and a critical success factor for everyone. This important concept needs to be clearly understood to promote the efficient use of time.

Today, there is a company dedicated to making the concept of elapsed time easier to understand for people of all ages and ability levels. Time Timer LLC is taking the idea of a simple, visual depiction of elapsed time and turning it into a line of products that helps solve time perception problems. These proven products are so easy to use that even young children and those with learning disabilities can monitor their own timed activities. A wise person once said, "The one thing you can?t recycle is wasted time." That statement is just as true in the office as it is in school or at home. No one can afford bad time management or poor comprehension of time.

With consistent use, the Time Timer product line ensures that time awareness is easy to understand and monitor.