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Zorp Rocket Refills (5 Pack)

Zorp Rocket Refills (5 Pack)

Price: $5.50
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Refills for the virtually weightless, Zorp Rocket™ soars gracefully through the air and is safe for indoor and outdoor play. Children literally have a “blast” while promoting respiratory function, coordination, and motor skill development. Simply wad up a Zorp Rocket™ to get it good and wrinkled (the more wrinkles, the better), then slip the opening of the rocket over the launcher. Blow into the launcher and watch it SOAR! It can reach as high as 30 feet in the air! Children will spend hours laughing and testing their ability to launch the rocket further with each launch! Zorp Rockets™ can be used over and over again. They can also be personalized using a permanent marker to write the child's name on the launcher and even comes with a carrying pouch.


• Hand/Eye Coordination
• Fine/Gross Motor Skills
• Oral Stimulation
• Social Engagement
• Cognitive Development
• Auditory Stimulation
• Respiratory Development
• Encourages Prolonged Blowing & Airflow Skills
• Cause & Effect
• Grasp & Release
• Coordination Development

Ages 3yrs+