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Sensory Kids®, LLC provides Global Sensory Solutions™ assisting schools, clinics, and medical institutions worldwide in the implementation of successful sensory strategies. We specialize in bringing our expertise and products to communities in need. We offer consulting, training, planning, and product procurement services to create the perfect sensory environment for your school, clinic or community.

We specialize in identifying gaps in the special needs retail marketplace and social services; as well as envisioning, developing, troubleshooting and launching creative social enterprises, new products, supports, and inclusion opportunities for individuals with developmental differences. Our experience includes:

  • Producing company identity and branding, created website, marketing materials, and social media profile pages to market products, support groups, partnerships and consulting services and worked one-on-one with PR firm to generate multiple newsworthy PR campaigns.
  • Optimizing delivery of products in the special needs market by determining appropriate resources and strategies that included persuading many large specialty product manufacturers to re-package products for retail sales by citing global statistics and growing market demand.
  • Growing relationships with businesses, community leaders, health organizations and public agencies through educational outreach events, promoting products and services and driving store revenue, enabling businesses to provide support groups and advocacy free of charge.
  • Introducing complex medical concepts and expert information, products, and therapeutic applications to staff members, clients and partners who are unfamiliar or were previously uninformed, by presenting them with easy to understand language, tools and methods. Training employees by providing in-depth information on product features, applications, and comparisons, so customers have the opportunity to make educated decisions.
  • Mentoring employees and instructing on management of complicated sales, complex issues and potentially difficult interactions with patients and caregivers.
  • Offering consulting, education, information and customer support about products, community services and available resources in one-on-one consultations, private groups, video conferences, and through public speaking engagements.
  • Optimizing large scale, international social service project development and roll-out; from client consultations, in-depth product research, comparison analysis, cost versus quality assessments, identifying brand and purchasing recommendations to keep budgets on track; to teacher training, fulfillment, implementation and follow-up.

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